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A day in the lifecycle of your AskingCanadians project

by Pat Prunskus.

So what really happens behind those King Street walls? It’s a question no one has asked but one that I’m pleased to answer.

Phase 1 – The Bid

The flashpoint for the data collection portion of your market research journey begins with me at my desk daydreaming about the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

When your bid comes in and we’ve clarified the specs, our strategy is to never over-promise and under-deliver. That kind of brazen ignorance could put you in hot water with your client. So, usually feasibility is run at this stage. We triangulate the specs against our panel of 250,000 Canadian panellists.

If necessary, we’ll look into assistance from our partners. Our relationships with our partners both here and abroad help us serve your one-stop data collection needs. In fact, our recent partnership with Research For Good has allowed us to reach over 600,000 Canadians and over 10.5 million U.S. respondents.

If your project requires programming, or even some kind of visual exercise, we’ll sort out what you need with our operations department and figure a way to do it online so that we can provide you with an estimate.

It’s usually a little longer to build extra functionality into your project, but our turnaround times are normally above the industry standard. While we don’t do things like coding, tabs or translation in-house, this is something we can estimate for your bid and expedite if the project comes.

Our goal at this stage is to send you a feasible, timely and competitive bid. For some short time it recedes into the dimension of “hurry up and wait” research. During that time Adam Froman will come around with some salty language.

Phase 2 – The Win

On those glorious occasions when your project is awarded we immediately circulate an internal document which serves as a quick overview of the project.

At that point your project gets a manager and your survey gets a programmer unless of course your project is just for sample.  Soon thereafter a kick-off call can be scheduled. Sometimes those can be bypassed based on simplicity or frequency. Usually timelines are firmed up around then.

Within a few days you should be getting your test link. This is the time that the more experienced researchers will have accounted for as they will have anticipated changes – but they’ll end up pleasantly surprised.  More often than not we are hearing from our clients about the high quality of our test links, as opposed to recent industry experiences which have seen overseas programming test links riddled with errors. Here, the AskingCanadians team shines with any changes being purely client-driven, one of the benefits of having in-house programming.

Once that link is approved, your project goes into field and our project managers monitor quotas and send out sample.

Within one business day of field close, you receive your raw data file. If cross tabulations and/or coding are required, it would be a few days after that. This is where we leave you, with the research to work your magic, safe in the knowledge that we’ve set you up for success.