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Angela Lau

Director of Operations

Angela brings more than a decade of experience in online market research to her role as Director of Operations with Delvinia.

Since joining the company as a Project Manager with AskingCanadians in 2011, Angela has held numerous positions within the firm, including Senior Project Manager, PM Team Lead, and most recently Director of Operations for AskingCanadians. Throughout, she has consistently applied her skills and expertise to ensure the utmost quality in both data and client relations.

In her current role, Angela oversees the commercial operations for several of Delvinia’s business units, including AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and Methodify. She is responsible for finding efficiencies and implementing solutions to better the business as the company continues to grow.

Angela also serves as a mentor to several members of the AskingCanadians team and is committed to supporting her staff along their respective career paths.