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Craig Tothill

Director, IT and Panel Technology

It all started 30 years ago with the arrival of a Commodore Vic -20 computer in the family living room. The passion for computers and technology was instant, programming variations of the “Hello World” loop minutes after plugging in his first personal computer.

Craig began his professional career as an engineer at a recording studio, and as it turned out computers were never far away and Craig was thrilled to be able to integrate computers into the post-production process. Through his professional career, Craig has utilized his varied IT skills by working as a programmer, sound and video editor, and the system administrator for a 200-person company.

As Delvinia’s Director of IT and Panel Technology, Craig keeps the company running smoothly and always ahead of the technology curve. Craig has been involved with the AskingCanadians panel since its inception and during his career with Delvinia he has ensured that the integrity of all data coming from our panel is second to none. He also played a key role in the development of Delvinia’s Insight Engine and maintains its continued growth.

In Craig’s spare time he enjoys following technology trends, playing video games, listening to music, growing his movie collection and praying that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Cowboys will once again win their respective Championships.