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Adam Froman wins MRIA Award of Outstanding Merit

by Susan O'Neill.

20150527_152724-1Our CEO Adam Froman was honoured by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) last week as the winner of this year’s MRIA Award of Outstanding Merit in recognition of his contribution to the MRIA’s Research Agency Council (RAC), where he served as Chair for the past two years.

Mark Wood, who served as Vice Chair during Adam’s term and also nominated him for the award said, “Adam has taken RAC to a new level by ensuring efficient and productive meetings and focusing on a clearly defined and transparent strategy while increasing stronger RAC collaboration and engagement.”

Adam served on the RAC board for three years prior to being elected RAC Chair and was influential in initiating a Task Force to review the MRIA’s Gold Seal membership value. The outcome of this Task Force was a plan to revitalize Gold Seal, which was presented to the MRIA National Board in October 2012 and received a great deal of support. This set the stage for the creation of RAC’s Gold Seal Revitalization Committee to implement the strategy and ultimately increase member value.

In his nomination, Mark stated that Adam’s contributions to RAC could be measured in a number of ways.

“By assessing the broken value equation of Gold Seal, and ultimately driving the development and implementation of the Gold Seal revitalization, Adam has been influential in moving both RAC and the Gold Seal value process ahead.”