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The Art of Axe Throwing

by Amber Bartlett.

AxeThrowing2Back in August the AskingCanadians and Delvinia teams joined forces for a day to drink beer and throw axes. Yes. A dangerous task, but we were all up for the challenge.

Our day actually started with a lunch and learn led by Andrea Reck. We worked in teams to discuss loyalty programs; what drives people to form long-term relationships with brands and what our dream program would be based on certain examples provided to us. After some good laughs and presenting our ideas we were off to BATL to chuck some axes.

Our axe hurtling began with instructions on what to do and more importantly what not to do. You know, some basic things like: don’t throw the axe at anyone, put your beer down first before throwing, to more helpful things about stepping into the throw and at what point to release the axe. We also learned that despite Adam and Steve being present—and providing their blessing—it’s actually illegal to use people’s mug shots for target practice. Too bad since I’m sure this motivator would have stepped up everyone’s game.

After instructions, warming up and a beer or two, we competed in a round-robin tournament where we each went head-to-head with other team members. We were guaranteed three matches each and I personally left it all out there and got slaughtered (not physically thank goodness) by all three of my opponents. It was a heart-breaking experience to know that my Olympic dream of being the first Canadian to win a gold medal in axe throwing was over.

As I faded into the limelight and became a spectator things started to heat up. People were being eliminated and taken down with every axe thrown. Dreams were shattered, hopes crushed. Then came the tie-breaking BIG axe throwing. It was something you could only dream about as a child. People were stepping up to the plate to throw an axe that only the brawniest lumberjacks could wield.

After some hotly contested tie breakers the semi-finalists were announce. It was a plethora of humanity, from some of our most petite ladies all the way up to the poster child for Bodybuilders Weekly, Raj Manocha. It was anyone’s game to win.

The rounds went quickly and in a matter of 15-20 minutes we had our finalists. It was a battle of the blades: Martin, one of our customer service team members, and Ken, our programming Team Lead. As the team looked on things became passionate pretty quickly. Money (yes, there were earlier side bets) and dignity were on the line.

It was a close match but the victory went to Ken. He persevered, remained focused, in the zone and technical to take the championship! He also split the back of his shirt. This, if you know anything about axe throwing, is a risk you take if you want to win.

Ultimately, it was a great day of heated competition, team building and fun. I’m looking forward to other similar team builds in the future. It’s part of what makes working at AskingCanadians and Delvinia so much fun!

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