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AskingCanadians Adds a New Loyalty Partner to Expand Our Panel

by admin.

AskingCanadians is pleased to announce the addition of PETRO-POINTS™ as an incentive within the AskingCanadians online research community.

Over the past two years, AskingCanadians has established itself as one of the leading online research communities in Canada. Our goal is to ensure that our panel is representative of the Canadian population and continues to meet the growing demand for online research sample. Our growth strategy has been to partner with national brands and loyalty programs as well as with segment brands to ensure that we can build specific communities of Canadians that are in high demand for research.

PETRO-POINTS is a national loyalty program that complements the incentives we currently offer in our panel. Being associated with such an established and active loyalty program that offers fuel savings to consumers is a strong incentive to offer in our research community and we’re excited to offer PETRO-POINTS within AskingCanadians.

PETRO-POINTS members who join the panel will earn points every time they participate in AskingCanadians surveys. Petro-Canada will promote the opportunity for PETRO-POINTS members to join AskingCanadians through its marketing channels.

AskingCanadians also has incentive partnerships with Aeroplan, HBC Rewards and Walmart.

For more information about our panel and our incentive partnerships, you can reach us via contact@askingcanadians.com.

[Photo: returnonbehaviour.com]