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AskingCanadians Case Study: Building a Multicultural Panel

by Susan O'Neill.

The Situation

For marketers, understanding cultural differences is essential when it comes to the creation of marketing campaigns and brand management strategies.

AskingCanadians recognizes this fact and offers a range of custom research services designed to help clients understand Canada’s multicultural markets by providing customer insights based on quantitative and qualitative data collection.

Given that the South Asian community is the fastest growing ethnic group within Canada, we wanted to expand upon those service offerings by focusing on this particular audience.

The Solution

To address the growing demand for South Asian survey samples within the market research industry, we designed a strategy to build a multicultural panel within the AskingCanadians online community.

We created and implemented a Canada-wide recruitment campaign to reach out to newcomers and Canadians of South Asian descent. The campaign, launched in the fall of 2010, was conducted in nine languages, including English, French, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Urdu, Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese.

The campaign highlighted the benefits of becoming an AskingCanadians panellist, including the opportunity for members to voice their opinions on products and services and the ability to earn their choice of rewards—such as HBC Rewards, Aeroplan Miles or other prizes—in exchange for completing surveys.

As is the case with all of our panel members, anyone who joins the multicultural panel is self-profiled by more than 300 demographic, psychographic, behavioural and attitudinal variables including income, education, home ownership, car ownership, tenure in Canada, geographic location, age, country of birth, immigration status and the languages they speak.

The Results

AskingCanadians recognizes the ever-changing landscape in the Canadian marketplace and continues to be a trendsetter in diversifying panel recruitment, capabilities and engagement in an effort to source hard-to-reach audiences.

By creating a multicultural panel, AskingCanadians fulfilled a need in the marketplace, providing researchers  with the ability to engage the South Asian community on their thoughts, attitudes and behaviours in the financial, consumer packaged goods, auto, employment and media sectors to name a few.

The multicultural panel also serves to give South Asians a voice in consumer studies.