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AskingCanadians Case Study: Random House of Canada

by Susan O'Neill.

The Situation

Since 2007, AskingCanadians™ has been involved in a partnership with Random House of Canada, hosting the company’s BookLounge.ca Editorial Board as a standalone community within the AskingCanadians™ panel. This partnership enabled Random House to conduct monthly surveys to gather feedback from readers about current trends, the latest technologies, advertising and more.

In the spring of 2011, the publishing company embarked on a strategy to grow that panel and called on AskingCanadians™ to help the organization build its research community in a cost-effective manner.  The objective: to recruit new members and create an engaging experience for panellists.

The Solution

To help Random House meet its business objectives and grow membership within its panel, AskingCanadians™ partnered with the company to create a branded online panel community called the Random House of Canada’s Editorial Board in AskingCanadians™.

This strategy provides Random House with access to its own online community as well as members of the AskingCanadians™ panel, providing a cost-effective means for Random House to seek the opinions of 160,000 highly-profiled panellists. The partnership also enables Random House to take advantage of the fact that AskingCanadians™ already has a robust privacy policy, incentive programs and extensive profiling of panellists in place.

Moving forward, everyone who joins Random House of Canada’s Editorial Board will participate in all of the AskingCanadians™ profiling surveys, which include more than 300 demographic, psychographic, behavioural and attitudinal variables.

In addition, Editorial Board members can opt to participate in other AskingCanadians™ surveys. And, anyone who joins the Editorial Board in AskingCanadians™ will have the opportunity to earn incentives and rewards, including HBC Rewards, Aeroplan Miles or other prizes, in exchange for taking part in online surveys.

These incentive partnerships provide an effective means of retaining members and keeping panellists engaged. As a result, AskingCanadians™ surveys achieve an average response rate that eclipses the industry.

Migrating the company’s Editorial Board into AskingCanadians™ also coincided with the launch of a substantial recruitment campaign, in which AskingCanadians™ is a partner.

The Results

This partnership was designed to meet Random House of Canada’s business objectives, providing the company with the means to gain feedback from a vast audience, while ensuring their panellists remain engaged by providing the opportunity to participate in additional surveys to earn rewards.