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Our 2013 AskingCanadians Job Fair

by Adam Froman.

AskingCanadians Job Fair 2013Last night, we held our second Job Fair at the Delvinia offices. This Job Fair was focused on the AskingCanadians side of the business and we offered opportunities in seven different positions within the company. We had more than 60 people come through the office during the three-hour period and we found some great people through the process.

We have been interviewing and hiring a lot of people lately, but sometimes a resume alone does not do a candidate justice. We tend to control what resumes will turn into interviews and which don’t. Well, this year, we wanted to make our Job Fair candidate-centric so we placed the control in the hands of the candidates. Unlike our first Job Fair where people just signed up to attend, this time candidates booked their own interview times on a 15-minute schedule between 5 – 8 p.m. This worked really well because it helped manage the traffic coming in and people didn’t have to sit around and wait.

But, what was really interesting was the fact that people really appreciated the opportunity to come in to meet our team, see our office and have a chance to prove themselves without being vetted through a pile of resumes.

The other candidate-centric element was that no candidate was ever left to simply wait by themselves. We wanted to create an environment where the candidates felt welcome. We also wanted them to know that we appreciated the fact that they took the time to come to our office to meet with us, and  we wanted them to be as relaxed and authentic as possible.

From the moment candidates entered the lobby of our building, staff greeters welcomed them and brought them up to our office, engaging them in conversation and introducing them to our registration staff. Once they registered, our runners would either escort them to their interview, or if they were early, we brought them into our boardroom where other staff made them feel welcome and talked to them about our company. I had the pleasure of introducing myself to a number of people and had the opportunity to meet some really nice people.

It was incredible to see how people went from being nervous about their upcoming interviews to becoming relaxed and engaged in conversations. Before they knew it, one of our runners would interrupt to escort them to their interview. After the interview, our runners walked them out and asked them how they felt the interview went. Our interviewees were never left alone, and they met about a dozen people in the process.

The highlight of the evening was by and large the genuine enjoyment that my staff had in participating. Those that were interviewing enjoyed the 15 minute interviews, which were just enough time to know whether they wanted to ask someone back, but short enough to make the evening go by quickly. It was also amazing to see how welcoming everyone on my team was, making our visitors feel welcome and demonstrating the great culture we have at Delvinia and AskingCanadians.

There was some discussion about the idea of pre-screening candidates, but as a group we decided that leaving the control with those who wanted to come in to interview with us was much more authentic than if we had vetted them first. More than once we heard a candidate say how much they appreciated the opportunity to come and meet with us, and how unique the experience was. They really liked what our company represented.

While the primary objective of our Job Fair was to find good people to join our team, the ability to make every candidate feel special, whether they qualified or not, was just as rewarding.