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Predictions for the year ahead in the market research industry

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As the marketing research world settles into 2015, the year ahead promises to present the industry with unparalleled opportunities to enhance our product.  Here’s a look at some trends that will have a large impact this year: Research Automation Marketers are looking to acquire timely data on ideas or concepts, but don’t necessarily need a read more

Panellist innovation and the future of data collection

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Many data collection companies continue to innovate data methodologies, and data collection environments, to provide researchers with opportunities to collect data in extremely efficient ways. In some instances, innovation occurs as a means to solve the needs of researchers. In other cases, innovation is the causality of online panellists wanting better ways to communicate their read more

The future of data collection: Data enablement

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The data collection industry is at a very interesting time in its evolution.  The idea of user experience has moved to the forefront of most companies, and essentially led to the push for the gluttony of data visualization products in the marketplace today. While visualization is the here and now, the future seems ripe for read more

Engaging next generation market researchers in the MRIA

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Many of the posts on the AskingCanadians blog have focused on change, and how the industry needs to keep moving forward.  Today, instead of writing about what the industry needs to do, I’m glad to tell a story of what the industry is doing. The MRIA, and Research Agency Council (RAC), have recognized that change read more

Choosing the Environment that Best Fits your Research Needs

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Platforms. In our industry, the word can spark the idea of innovation or all-out fear. Every day we see new platforms – the latest mobile tool, the latest community tool, the latest VOC tool. The list goes on, and on, and on. There’s no shortage of platforms in the market research space that can help read more