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Building a Research Community in AskingCanadians

by Susan O'Neill.

The Voice of the Customer has become a term associated with creating ongoing feedback mechanisms that collect, process and report feedback from customers in a timely manner.  As Internet penetration has become mainstream, many organizations have turned to creating online research panels to collect feedback from their customers.

While building and maintaining an online research community can be a daunting task for many organizations, the AskingCanadians solution is a way for organizations in Canada to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively build an online research community of their customers.

The AskingCanadians solution involves building either a proprietary or partnered research community within the AskingCanadians panel environment.  This provides Canadian organizations access to the technical infrastructure, processes, recruitment and panel management expertise that have enabled AskingCanadians to build the preeminent online research panel in Canada.

There are at least 10 reasons why building a research community in AskingCanadians makes sense:

  1. Saves time and is cost effective to set up. Building a research community utilizing the AskingCanadians platform, processes and people, saves both time and money.  The AskingCanadians solution is built on Confirmit’s online survey and panel management technology.  Confirmit has been hosting the AskingCanadians panel since 2006.
  2. Offers an opportunity to keep your panellists engaged while saving you money. One of the greatest misconceptions about online research panels is recognizing that once people sign up, they will participate regardless of the time elapsed between surveys.  The reality is that panellists need to be engaged on a regular basis.  AskingCanadians offers the ability to allow panellists the choice to participate in other AskingCanadians surveys.
  3. Utilizes existing customer touch points to recruit. Since recruitment is an ongoing process, we integrate ongoing recruitment through various feedback and customer touch points within an organization to maximize the initial recruitment and ensure a continual refresh of members into the research community.
  4. Established privacy policy so panellists’ personal information is protected. By building a research community in AskingCanadians, you benefit from an existing privacy policies that protect the identity of the panellists and the confidentiality of their responses.  AskingCanadians has been certified as a Gold Seal Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in market research.
  5. Double-opt in recruitment process to ensure panellist acceptance. The AskingCanadians solution employs a double opt-in process for the sign up process.  Our standard process requires an individual to go to a sign-up page to provide some basic information.  This is followed by an e-mail to address provided with a link to the profiling survey.  Once they have completed the profiling survey, they are considered part of the research community.
  6. Panellists are authenticated. AskingCanadians has recently become certified by TrueSample, which is a service that validates the identity of each panellist.  Being TrueSample certified protects the research community from having individuals sign up multiple times, misrepresent their demographic data and monitors the responses to surveys to ensure data integrity.
  7. Built-in incentive mechanisms.  There is no need to reinvent the incentive process for each research community.  The AskingCanadians solution has established incentive mechanisms and will manage all incentives for the panellists, whether they are client supplied or utilizing AskingCanadians existing incentives.   When joining the research community, participants are given the option to select the type of incentive they would like to receive, whether it is Aeroplan miles, HBC Rewards or to participate in contests and giveaways.
  8. Ongoing profiling of panellists ensures a demographically representative panel.  As part of the AskingCanadians solution, we offer our clients the ability to have their panel participate in our various panel profiling surveys.  These are surveys conducted throughout the year that collect over 3,000 variables of profiling data on each panellist. We will provide you with an aggregate profile of your panel after each profiling survey.
  9. Innovative tools for engagement and data collection. Not only will you have access to a robust survey and panel management technology through Confirmit, but we have developed a number of innovative data collection tools using Flash technology to create even more engaging survey experiences.  These include shelf impact modules, advertising and creative testing and user experience testing.  We have also integrated qualitative survey methods that combine with our survey technology to provide new and innovative methods of research.
  10. Full service programming and data collection hosting services. Once the research community has been established, our AskingCanadians team will provide you with full service programming and data collection services capabilities.  This includes programming of surveys, survey sampling and deployment and data processing.