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Predictions for the year ahead in the market research industry

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As the marketing research world settles into 2015, the year ahead promises to present the industry with unparalleled opportunities to enhance our product.  Here’s a look at some trends that will have a large impact this year: Research Automation Marketers are looking to acquire timely data on ideas or concepts, but don’t necessarily need a read more

Panellist innovation and the future of data collection

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Many data collection companies continue to innovate data methodologies, and data collection environments, to provide researchers with opportunities to collect data in extremely efficient ways. In some instances, innovation occurs as a means to solve the needs of researchers. In other cases, innovation is the causality of online panellists wanting better ways to communicate their read more

Taking a proactive approach to improving the respondent experience

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As clients are becoming more sophisticated in their survey builds, we are seeing an increased desire for custom questions that are built directly into our surveys. These questions range from simple exercises like card sorts to more complicated exercises like conjoint shelf builds, all of which are programmed from our Toronto office. At the same read more

Who has time for surveys?

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The number one issue panellists have with the survey experience is always, always, how long some surveys take. I feel their pain. People don’t have time to do 30+ minute surveys anymore and here’s why. I broke down my day to see exactly how much time I might have to do surveys. Out of the read more

Survey Design: Creating the optimal panellist experience

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After reading last week’s blog post by Pat Prunskus, the first thing I thought was, “I couldn’t agree more.” In my first few months here at AskingCanadians I was so adamant about making the surveys more engaging I asked one of the programmers to do the following mock-up of our profiler “pets” question: At the read more