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Survey Design: Creating the optimal panellist experience

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After reading last week’s blog post by Pat Prunskus, the first thing I thought was, “I couldn’t agree more.” In my first few months here at AskingCanadians I was so adamant about making the surveys more engaging I asked one of the programmers to do the following mock-up of our profiler “pets” question: At the read more

Using market research for new product development

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The new television season has started and the world of Breaking Bad has come to an end. As we all bundle up for the cold weather ahead it will be interesting to see what new shows succeed, what old ones we’ll fall back in love with, and how many bags of potato chips we’ll eat. read more

Webinar Slides: The Future of Respondent Engagement

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Earlier this afternoon, our CEO Adam Froman took part in Research for Good‘s webinar about the Power of Positive Respondent Experience: How to Improve The Survey Experience and Why You Should Care. Adam’s presentation, The Future of Respondent Engagement: Motivating Respondents to Participate in Market Research, explored the underlying motivation for consumers to participate in market read more