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Connect with consumers at any point in the customer journey

by Roy Gonsalves.

AAnywhereAs digital convenience continues to grow within our culture, consumers have changed the way they communicate, interact and buy from brands. Consumers are interacting with brands through digital for everything from product research and comparisons, to reviews, price shopping, social network venting and purchasing.

Mobile devices offer an interesting layer of connection to collect data insights that allow brands to observe and participate in the emotional response to an immediate decision or purchase experience. In essence, they have provided us with an opportunity to gather insights at each stage of the journey.

While we understand that there is often some reluctance to test new methods of collecting data, AskingCanadians understands the complexity of interacting with consumers through non-traditional methodologies.

To help our clients better understand the opportunity and potential presented by mobile and other non-traditional forms of data collection, AskingCanadians recently launched AskingAnywhere, a new data collection hub that provides unparalleled access to consumers through any digital touchpoint.

Our approach revolves around the consumer and their interactions with brands through digital, overlaid by the client’s desire to access information. We have the technologies to help our clients connect with consumers at any point along the customer journey. By creating a customer journey map, we work with our clients to ensure we are accessing relevant data and delivering it in a meaningful way.

Here’s an example. Let’s say Kraft is seeing a decline in sales of its sliced cheese line and in addition to traditional research; they want to understand if digital can provide any additional insights. One option is using social monitoring to determine how consumers are talking about Kraft Singles, competitor brands or sliced cheese in general.

What’s interesting here is that social listening doesn’t have to be limited to text but could also include images. This type of exercise can garner a lot of information and may in fact raise additional questions. By flagging our panellists in advance and having them opt-in to allow us to listen to their social media feeds, AskingCanadians can provide access to specific types of individuals (Kraft buyers versus non-buyers) for additional insights.

Another opportunity could be to recruit some principal grocery shoppers who are planning to shop for sliced cheese on their next trip to the grocery store. Participants would be instructed to take photos—while they’re in the store—of all of the sliced cheese brands they are considering buying and the product they select. These photos will then be delivered to AskingCanadians through the survey tool on their mobile devices.

Once they get home, we can execute a follow-up survey that shows the respondent the images of the products they considered and ask them questions like, “Why did you consider this product?” or “Why did you not buy this product?” The images act as the trigger to help respondents recall relevant information, resulting in more accurate data versus asking them recall questions without any images as a trigger.

Although these are very general examples, we are investing in our clients to help them include other methodologies in their toolkit. These digital tools are not replacements for your preferred methodology, but additional tools to provide a clearer picture of issues or opportunities for brands.

AskingAnywhere allows our clients to connect with customers at any point along the customer journey and to work with a partner who understands the world of digital.