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Custom Conjoints: Creative programming solutions to increase respondent engagement

by Amber Bartlett.

When it comes to market research there are many tools and techniques that researchers can use to tell their stories and to support their analysis. One such tool is the use of conjoints. Conjoints are commonly used within the market research industry to test different products, concepts and prices and they often centre on the respondents’ preferences for choosing one concept over another.

Recently, our AskingCanadians team threw another element into the mix. Our programmers created a custom discrete conjoint within a shelf test for one of our clients.

The project, which was designed and built entirely in-house, is a great example of our capabilities around custom layouts, custom validations and custom logic. We have a great team of experienced programmers and project managers who were able to take the client’s request and design a realistic in-store shopping experience. With this project in particular, there were more than 120 images, with the possibility of 1.3 million product combinations.

That being said, this project does more than demonstrate our ability to handle complicated programming within a tight timeline. It also illustrates the fact that we’re able to offer survey experiences that can improve the respondent experience and increase engagement.

The more realistic you can make an experience, the more thoughtful the choices and responses are going to be. A conjoint within a shelf test mimics the in-store environment for panellists and it’s a cool way to create an interactive experience.

Ultimately, our goal as a team is to create the best experience possible for our respondents, while providing accurate and credible results for our clients. As we close out 2012 and head into 2013 our team will continue to adapt and design interactive tools for our clients and panellists.

Internally, we like to think no request is too difficult. And, we love to be challenged by our creative clients to design and build the best tools we can. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.