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Environics Analytics names Delvinia Partner of the Year

by admin.

Earlier today, Environics Analytics President Jan Kestle presented our CEO Adam Froman with the organization’s Partner of the Year award at their 7th Annual User Conference.

Delvinia, through AskingCanadians, has been working with Environics Analytics for several years to create robust databases about how Canadians think and act.

Environics Analytics, which provides companies with the ability to understand the habits and trends of Canadians in every postal code, projects our digital behaviour data to every postal code across the country via their proprietary PRIZMC2 segmentation system. The system allows socioeconomic factors to be captured at a granular level, helping companies uncover the key attributes of their customers.

In recent years, AskingCanadians has worked with Environics Analytics to create databases like the eShopper PRIZMC2Link, which describes digital and offline marketplace behaviour; the AskingCanadians Mobile PRIZMC2Link, which enables marketers to target their customers based on their mobile habits and lifestyles, and the AskingCanadians Social Media PRIZMC2Link, designed to help marketers target their products and messages to customers based on their social media habits and lifestyles.