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AskingCanadians helps to develop innovative research methodology to power Citizen Mom report

by admin.

Mining the Mom Market: A Method to Unveil Unexpected Insights into Canada’s Most Influential Consumers

Earlier today, Citizen Optimum released its Citizen Mom report, powered by AskingCanadians. The report reveals a year of research investigating the real lives of real Canadian moms and outlines what brands need to know to reach them effectively.

The results offer a reality check to brands. Over the course of the past year, moms let us know there is a need for brands to deliver a more three-dimensional, complex picture of mom, rather than the myth of Super Mom.

Citizen Optimum partnered with AskingCanadians to develop an innovative research methodology to unveil unexpected insights into Canada’s most influential consumer market: moms.  The approach investigates the real lives of real Canadian moms and what they can teach brands about how to reach them effectively.

The four-phased approach (asking, discussing, listening and interpreting) engaged a targeted group of moms from within the AskingCanadians online research community.  Participants shared in a research journey comprised of an online survey, virtual focus group, social listening and data analytics as a means to enable moms to tell their own holistic story about their lives as leaders in their families and in the market.

As our CEO Adam Froman stated in today’s media release, “This new and innovative method of conducting research with moms in our AskingCanadians community allows brands to better understand how to fit into the lives of moms and to use that insight to communicate the right messages to them.”

Targeting the Right Audience

The methodology for the Citizen Mom report focused on Working Moms and Stay at Home Moms.  By focusing on comparing these two very important groups of moms, the research generated perspectives that will provide the broadest value to brands today.

Our Approach

In order to identify the complexity of how a mom perceives herself, we focused on capturing their perspective of themselves.  While we already know who the moms are within the AskingCanadians research community, we still asked them to self-identify.  Do they view themselves as a woman first and mom second, or vice versa?  We let the moms decide.  Understanding that perspective is interesting in its own right, but it also provides insight into the messages moms want to hear from brands.

Our approach also focused on the themes that are most important to brands today, being:

  1. Influencers
  2. Technology/Tools

In addition, we focused on developing questions in an open manner so moms could tell us what the issues are, rather than simply rating them.

And, because our AskingCanadians panellists participate in digital profiling surveys, this enabled Citizen Optimum to focus on asking other relevant questions and allowed us to then append the data we already have about the attitudes and behaviours of how these moms are using digital technologies (social, mobile and e-shopping), providing a more robust data sample.

The benefit of this approach allows organizations to understand how their brands fit into the lives of moms, instead of simply how to reach moms.

For more on the report and its findings, please see today’s news release.