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Leveraging mobile to create an engaging panellist experience

by Roy Gonsalves.

Shortly after our presentation at Confirmit’s Mobile Research Roadshow, one of our clients approached us with a unique challenge:  Could we find a specific individual, with specific shopping habits, to share their opinions at the point of purchase?

The project itself had many components and presented several challenges. We had to  find someone who fit a specific shopper profile, we had to create a means to observe the individual’s shopping behaviors using mobile, and we needed to complete the project within a short time period and, of course, within a specified budget.

Our respondents first went through a screening survey to ensure they fit the profile we were looking for.  We were able to improve the likelihood of finding the right respondent (and in fact improve the incidence of the study) by leveraging the 800+ variables we have profiled against all of our panellists. These profiling variables are refreshed every year to ensure that our panellists receive survey invitations that will provide the best possible experience.

After qualification and opt-in to the mobile exercise, we asked respondents to visit a specific store and take pictures of a specific aisle, shelf and product. This was done through Confirmit’s SODA mobile platform, which made the administration of the questions and the uploading of images very simple and intuitive for our respondents.

This project was our client’s first mobile research experience. They not only relied on our online panel to have the right people, they also relied on our operations team to help them understand the entire mobile research experience, including setting expectations for anticipated timelines, making suggestions to adapt and setup the questionnaire, and realizing the opportunities offered in the Confirmit software.

We worked closely with the client to provide creative incentive options in an effort to boost mobile participation rates and our client was thrilled with the individuals who participated in the full exercise as well as the quality of the responses they provided.

Our panellists also truly enjoyed the diverse experience. By continuing to provide these diverse experiences mobile research brings, our panellists invest more in the process, which results in richer data for our clients.

Providing a dedicated customer service contact for our panellists allows us to quickly address any issues, and from time to time, we receive some great feedback from our panellists. The following is an email we received from one of our panellists, who participated in this study:

“I was one of the moms that participated in the [client mobile exercise] yesterday.  I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me to participate, it was a great experience with a very friendly group of people!  I have never done anything like that before and it was a lot of fun! And it’s nice to know that a big company like [your client] actually cares about what moms like me think.”

Creating engaging survey experiences, while ensuring that the quality of the research data meets our clients’ needs is the foundation of the growth we are experiencing at AskingCanadians.  Not only was this project a success, but we gained insights into how to engage our panellists to participate in research experiences like this in the future.