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Our Voice of the Customer Programs

by Adam Froman.

One of the things that makes our organization unique is the fact that we offer a blend of a customer-centric digital strategy and experience design combined with the research capabilities of our AskingCanadians online research community. Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs evolved out of this blend of expertise and perspective.

Offered under the AskingCanadians banner, our VoC programs are designed to enable companies to ask, observe and listen. Our offerings are focused on creating relevant customer experiences that encourage and motivate consumers to share their opinions, while also providing clients with the context needed to make informed decisions.

Here’s a few examples of what we can do:

Social Listening

Our approach to social monitoring doesn’t compete with technologies such as Radian6, Sysomos or Sprinklr. Rather, our offer helps organizations select which social monitoring technology is best for them.  Being technology agnostic has benefits—it allows us to focus on the needs of our clients. And, when they start collecting data, we’re here to help them understand how they can use that data to achieve measurable results. Whether it leads to community engagement and management or to response planning, our programs enable our clients to use the available technologies to achieve their business results.

Web and Mobile Satisfaction Surveys

These programs can be integrated into various customer touchpoints to collect data 24/7 with near-live reporting features. By integrating these customer satisfaction surveys into building a customer feedback community within (or outside of) AskingCanadians, our clients not only have a means to capture ongoing customer feedback, we’re also able to help them profile the consumers who are sharing their opinions.


As either a standalone program or as part of a Market Research Online Community (MROC), crowdsourcing is effective in engaging consumers to share their ideas and feedback on the future products and services that will affect them. And, by combining crowdsourcing with a community in AskingCanadians, clients have the ability to invite the right people to participate in a crowdsourcing exercise.

Social Media Readiness

Our Social Media Readiness survey is a tool that gauges an organization’s attitude towards, and awareness and usage of, social media. With a representative list of customer postal codes, we can provide an organization with insight into where they stand relative to their customers when it comes to social media readiness. And, once an organization has completed the survey, findings can be determined in days, not weeks.

Data Visualization

We can also assist in the data visualization of the results, going beyond the traditional cross-tabulation tables that many researchers have become accustomed to.  These new data visualization techniques enable our clients to present results in ways that will engage all levels of their organization.

We work with our clients to develop experiential methods to collect data in a manner that is effective from the customers’ perspective. The results are more engaged respondents and much more honest responses. Our customer-centric approach to data collection is about creating experiences for customers to share their opinions. Once the data has been captured, we can derive statically-sound results that a researcher is proud to stand behind.

As our Delvinia team continues to find new ways to create customer experiences using digital technologies, our AskingCanadians team is finding ways to make our programs repeatable and scalable so that all of our clients can benefit from our consumer-centric approach to capturing the voice of the customer.