Build loyalty and increase engagement through an innovative partnership with AskingCanadians.

We’re currently looking for new loyalty program partners.

Established in 2005, AskingCanadians is Canada’s largest online market research data collection firm, providing market researchers with access to a research community of more than 600,000 Canadian consumers.

AskingCanadians currently offers branded loyalty rewards through its existing loyalty and branded program partners – including Hudson’s Bay Rewards, Aeroplan, Walmart and Petro Canada’s PETRO-POINTS – to compensate Canadian consumers for their participation in market research surveys.

To meet the growing demand for AskingCanadians services, we are currently seeking partners interested in offering their consumers the opportunity to be compensated, with their proprietary currency, for participating in market research surveys through AskingCanadians.

AskingCanadians provides the opportunity for organizations that meet our partner requirements to sell their loyalty rewards (or gift cards) in volume to us. We then use these loyalty rewards (or gift cards) as incentives to Canadian consumers to complete surveys from us.

If your organization has a sizeable online Canadian customer base and a loyalty reward program in place, contact us today to find out how AskingCanadians can help you build loyalty and increase brand engagement – all while providing your organization with a new revenue stream.

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