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AskingCanadians offers full-service programming solutions and understands the importance of programming error-free questionnaires to ensure accuracy in data collection. To achieve this, our team uses a multi-layer process of survey testing and data checking.

With turnaround times that are typically 10 to 20 per cent faster than our competitors, our experienced survey programming team has an established track record for providing fast, accurate and reliable programming.

Our team is experienced in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery and programming components in Flash, and can provide clients with custom tools, such as conjoint programming within shelf tests.

AskingCanadians leverages the Confirmit platform, which provides our team with the tools needed to deliver on custom requests while providing a stable and secure platform to collect and host our clients’ surveys and data.

All of our programming and project management is done in-house.


Our panel includes Canadians who have opted-in to participate in online surveys that significantly influence today’s leading brands. Panellists are profiled by more than 500 demographic, psychographic, behavioural and attitudinal variables, enabling a robust research community to meet the specific sampling needs of researchers. Every panellist is also profiled against Delvinia’s Insight Engine – a database of behaviours of all Canadian households with more than 2,000 additional profiling variables. This enables clients to collect data from hard-to-reach segments of the population, such as particular ethnic groups, moms with kids and individuals with specific health conditions and ailments.

Sample Profiling Variables

  • Personal
  • Technology Usage and Behaviours
  • Lifestyle
  • Health

In addition to being able to draw national, provincial, regional or even local representative samples from our panel, we are specialists at finding, recruiting and engaging participation from hard-to-reach and low incidence audiences. Our recruitment process primarily occurs through our longstanding partnerships with large Canadian brands like HUDSON’S BAY REWARDS, Aeroplan, Walmart and PETRO-POINTS. To ensure we continue to fulfill our clients’ needs to reach these unique groups of interest, we maintain several sub-panels, including but not limited to, IT professionals, small business owners, and those with health issues and ailments.

As digital customer experience experts, we know that satisfied panellists provide thoughtful, more accurate responses. For this reason, managing the panelist experience is another key aspect of our approach.


Our recruitment process primarily occurs through our longstanding partnerships with large Canadian brands like HUDSON’S BAY REWARDS, Aeroplan, Walmart and PETRO-POINTS.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring our clients receive the highest quality data is critically important to us, so we’ve established a variety of quality assurance check-points throughout all of our AskingCanadians processes and procedures.

Panel Centric Experience

As digital customer experience experts, we know that satisfied panellists provide thoughtful, more accurate responses. For this reason, managing the panellist experience is another key aspect of our approach.


Knowledge & Standards

Maintaining the highest ethical standards, and the trust of our clients, is critically important to us. As such, AskingCanadians maintains the following certifications.

MRIA Gold Seal Certification

AskingCanadians is a Gold Seal member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). Gold Seal members have successfully completed a stringent, third-party-reviewed, certification process. Agencies undergo this process every three years. Gold Seal Certification is one of MRIA’s primary mechanisms for achieving its strategic objective of developing and delivering world-class professional standards and ensuring member compliance.


At AskingCanadians, we believe the ESOMAR 28 questions – designed to assist buyers in the identification of high quality providers of online samples – serves as a minimum set of criteria. There are several other important factors that buyers need to consider if they truly want to find the best service providers delivering the highest quality, most reliable and accurate data.

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AskingCanadians has adopted MarketTools® TruesSample® as its quality solution for all of its online consumer research. MarketTools TrueSample is the research industry’s premier online data quality solution that improves the quality of online research by identifying and removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples.

MarketTools TrueSample combines powerful identity validation, de-duplication and engagement modeling into one comprehensive technological solution that ensures that survey respondents are real, unique and engaged.

As the first Canadian-based panel company to license TrueSample, we are demonstrating our commitment to provide an additional level of confidence to our clients who rely on collecting quality research data to make critical business decisions. Our partnership with MarketTools will provide our clients with the knowledge that rigorous quality standards are being applied to all of our work.


Our VoC service line utilizes the available technologies and communication channels to enable our clients to better listen to their customers.

From social listening to online surveys, MROCs and branded research communities, our VoC offerings enable companies to identify key insights in order to improve and innovate customer experiences.


Social monitoring

Your customers are blogging, tweeting, and commenting on your Facebook page, but do you know how to adequately monitor all the chatter? Our approach to social monitoring doesn’t compete with technologies such as Radian6, Sysomos or Sprinklr. Rather, our offer helps organizations select which social monitoring technology is best for them. Being technology agnostic has benefits—it allows us to focus on the needs of our clients. AskingCanadians can help you identify the right solution to meet your needs. Whether it’s passive monitoring, active monitoring, community management, content development or weekly reporting, AskingCanadians has you covered.

Web and mobile Customer satisfaction surveys

While satisfied customers can bring in prospects through word of mouth, frustrated ones can undermine growth when they vent online. AskingCanadians’ customer satisfaction survey will gather actionable insights into your digital performance to help you to grow your business and avoid obstacles. Fast and cost-effective, this turnkey service allows you to get to know your users, to test and learn, and to evolve your digital strategy over time.


Do you want to hear some great ideas from your customers? Maybe you want to speak with a hard-to-reach group and pick their brains about an interesting topic. Crowdsourcing is your answer. AskingCanadians can create an online initiative that reaches out to your target group, in a contest or competition format, to generate customer-based content, ideas and discussions.

Online Usability Testing

How useable is your digital product? Usability testing puts your product in front of actual users. Our rigorous evaluation methods can be incorporated in any stage of your product lifecycle to identify performance related issues.

Social media readiness

It’s a social media revolution out there. Customers are tweeting and chatting like never before. Are yours? Are you watching from the sidelines or joining the conversation? How are you leveraging this powerful new medium to grow your business? More importantly, are you ready to do just that? AskingCanadians’ Social Media Readiness Report Card is designed to enable you to evaluate your organization’s readiness to catch the social media wave. Fast and cost-effective, this turnkey service allows you to leverage the complementary skills of AskingCanadians’ digital and research experts as you get to know your users and build the social aspect of your digital strategy.

Experiential data collection methods

Experiential marketing has continued to grow within overall marketing budgets, yet metrics to measure the success, or ROI, of events are still not being produced. AskingCanadians can implement several mobile testing methodologies to provide a better understanding of how the event did. Several tools to measure experiential include mobile video chats, on-site customer satisfaction surveys, and on-site segmentation surveys.


Appended profile data

Using the AskingCanadians’ research panel has the added advantage of being able to append profiled data. We profile each of our respondents on hundreds of topics and can easily append this data to your survey results. This means you don’t have to re-ask certain questions to respondents, creating shorter surveys and saving you costs. Your data becomes richer and provides more insight about the types of people answering your surveys.

How are social media habits changing? How has mobile innovation shifted our habits over the last five years? AskingCanadians has created longitudinal surveys that profile several key areas such as social media, mobile and online retail. This data can help your brand plan for the future and understand how the habits of Canadians are changing.

Syndicated reports

Many times, you’re looking for quick data points that can help to round out your pitch to a client. Maybe you are looking to focus on a new area of business and need some data to understand where you should be focusing. AskingCanadians offers hundreds of syndicated reports that you can leverage quickly and cost-effectively.



Fielding general research or reaching your non-customers is a very simple and cost-effective process when using the AskingCanadians panel. Having access to more than 600,000 Canadians gives us the ability the quickly gather results. Whether you’re looking to target respondents such as moms with iPhones or diabetes sufferers who live in BC, we’ve got you covered.

Branded panels and research communities

Imagine having the ability to gain valuable insight into your consumers’ attitudes and behaviours while effectively reducing the time and costs to conduct surveys. AskingCanadians can work with you to build a cost-effective consumer community that you can access at a moment’s notice. You will be able to gain rich insights into your customer base, apply customized segmentations and test new ideas amongst brand loyalists.


Big Data. How are you solving the issue of managing the sheer volume of data from multiple sources, such as: panel data, c-sat data, social media, web analytics and community data? How are you correlating all the data to understand the business holistically? Imagine a homepage that can be customized to contain all the data you collect. AskingCanadians has created a tool that can take multiple data streams and house the data in one aggregated solution. Think Google homepage, but for a marketer or researcher. You can make quick, critical, business decisions at a moment’s notice, by having a deeper view of your business data.



Our data product offerings include our online Omnibus survey—a low-cost survey option that enables clients to reach 1,000 Canadians—and AskingMedia, our award-winning, online platform for testing rich media creative and product concepts.

Research can be easier, and more affordable than you think.

AskingMedia™ our award-winning, online platform for testing rich media creative and product concepts is a visual survey tool that allows you to view and evaluate advertising concepts such as new TV commercials, and employs a virtual guide to assist the participants in completing the survey.

With AskingCanadians Pulse, you can share the cost of conducting a survey with a group of researchers. You obtain your proprietary questions as well as the results of the standard demographic questions asked in the wave of the survey you participated in.

Tools & Demos

We have developed a number of other modules based upon the clients’ needs within the AskingMedia™ platform. The value that these modules bring to our clients is the ability to integrate the results of the respondents’ interaction with the module with the remainder of the survey.

Shelf Impact Module

This module is used to assess purchase behaviour. It allows the participant to interact with imagery of existing or proposed product packaging in a simulated, online environment. The data collected reveals how consumers interact with these products.

Word Importance Module

This module tests word concepts. It allows you to evaluate which words and phrases used in advertising are the most appealing to the consumer. This highlights the relative importance of various words and phrases when consumers are selecting a product.

Word Sort Module

This module assesses opinions on new concepts by gauging the likelihood of the consumer purchasing a product based on particular characteristics. It allows you to look at various product characteristics and establish whether this particular characteristic would influence your purchasing decision.


AskingCanadians Pulse

The AskingCanadians Pulse omnibus survey offers a low-cost option to survey 1,000 nationally-representative Canadians without compromising speed, accuracy or credibility. The Omnibus is conducted biweekly and results are returned within seven days.
With AskingCanadians Pulse, you can share the cost of conducting a survey with a group of researchers. You obtain your proprietary questions as well as the results of the standard demographic questions asked in the wave of the survey you participated in.

AskingCanadians Pulse can address various research needs including:

  • Public opinion studies
  • Monitoring consumer habits and behaviours
  • Brand awareness
  • Market share demographic information and estimates
  • Creative asset evaluation
  • Tracking long-term market trends
  • Developing low-incidence databases
  • Ad tracking and examining public relations campaigns

Pulse Quick Facts

  • Sample is statistically representative of the Canadian population at large
  • Basic closed-end question types include yes/no, single and multiple selections, ranking and rating
  • There is a limit of eight options per question for multiple selections, ranking and rating questions
  • Additional options will be charged as a separate question
  • Additional charges for questions including “other – specify” options include coding
  • Open-ended questions include coding
  • Unaltered verbatim responses will be included in addition to coded responses
  • Each question can include one graphic image. Additional images, flash, audio and video files will be quoted separately and may require a custom study
  • Data files will be delivered in RTF or Excel contained in the results of your proprietary questions cross-tabulated by the standard demographic questions asked

Omnibus Schedule

AskingCanadians Pulse runs biweekly, surveying 1,000 Canadians from our panel.


Not only have mobile phones eclipsed the land line for 16 per cent of Canadians, but almost 20 per cent of smartphone owners vote, poll or take surveys on their mobile devices.
Mobile is emerging as a powerful means of collecting data. Mobile provides the opportunity for respondents to share their opinions in real time, while they are participating in the research, and it engages participants to use their smartphones in ways beyond simply answering survey questions.

Whether you’re looking to create a mobile-based survey or want to capture consumer opinions at the point of purchase, AskingCanadians can work with you to create an engaging mobile research experience.

AskingCanadians utilizes Confirmit’s SODA app for mobile surveys, which offers rich functionality and is ideal for studies such as mobile retail audits. It includes a wide range of visual elements, multi-lingual capabilities, survey logic and multimedia data capture.

AskingCanadians has been extremely successful with our mobile surveys because we have the trust of our panellists. They know that we protect their privacy, and participating in an engaging mobile research experience inspires them to share thoughtful and authentic opinions.

Creating engaging survey experiences, while ensuring that the quality of the research data meets our clients’ needs is the foundation of the growth we are experiencing at AskingCanadians.

For more on our mobile research capabilities, including our work with clients like HUDSON’S BAY, RBC and BrandSpark International, click here.



The proliferation of data analytic tools and technologies has overwhelmed a marketplace that is struggling to not only collect and integrate consumer data, but organizations also need to figure out how to interpret it. Dashboards present an exciting and compelling proposition. But, dashboards alone are not the solution to harnessing Big Data. And the trouble is, too many organizations make the mistake of taking a data or technology approach to dashboards.

With funding from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), Delvinia partnered with Ryerson University’s Department of Electrical Engineering to develop a solution designed to help organizations consolidate their data, while presenting it in a way that allows business leaders to quickly view and access the information they need.

The result is an award-winning user-centric dashboard that provides a single brand health index designed to provide decision makers with the information they need to make better business decisions.

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getCrowded can help provide the ideas to keep your business ahead of the competition.

SMBs have particular issues when it comes to running their businesses and often cannot take advantage of innovative tools that are used to gain insight from customer-centric dialogue.
While platforms exist to facilitate this kind of dialogue, the recruitment and nurturing of a vibrant online community is expensive, time-consuming and beyond the expertise of most businesses. SMBs have not had the same opportunities to take advantage of crowdsourcing platforms as large enterprise brands.

But, recruiting a crowd can be time consuming and expensive. Our crowd is ready to go, right now.

With getCrowded, our idea generation platform, we can have your getCrowded challenge up and running in just a few hours. getCrowded is powered by AskingCanadiansTM, our proprietary research panel. Members of the community have been profiled across over 500 variables, and respond at an industry-leading average of 30 per cent.

We can take your problem and transform it into a creative challenge tailored for our crowd. Potential participants are invited to join your challenge, submit their idea, or review, rate and comment other submissions (optional).
We provide support to the participants by moderating and analyzing submissions so that you get the best and most relevant ideas.

getCrowded members are rewarded with points and incentives in exchange for their ideas, and you have complete ownership over intellectual property.

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