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Knowledge & Standards

Maintaining the highest ethical standards, and the trust of our clients, is critically important to us. As such, AskingCanadians maintains the following certifications.

MRIA Gold Seal Certification

AskingCanadians is a Gold Seal member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA). Gold Seal members have successfully completed a stringent, third-party-reviewed, certification process. Agencies undergo this process every three years. Gold Seal Certification is one of MRIA’s primary mechanisms for achieving its strategic objective of developing and delivering world-class professional standards and ensuring member compliance.


At AskingCanadians, we believe the ESOMAR 28 questions – designed to assist buyers in the identification of high quality providers of online samples – serves as a minimum set of criteria. There are several other important factors that buyers need to consider if they truly want to find the best service providers delivering the highest quality, most reliable and accurate data.

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AskingCanadians has adopted MarketTools® TruesSample® as its quality solution for all of its online consumer research. MarketTools TrueSample is the research industry’s premier online data quality solution that improves the quality of online research by identifying and removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples.

MarketTools TrueSample combines powerful identity validation, de-duplication and engagement modeling into one comprehensive technological solution that ensures that survey respondents are real, unique and engaged.

As the first Canadian-based panel company to license TrueSample, we are demonstrating our commitment to provide an additional level of confidence to our clients who rely on collecting quality research data to make critical business decisions. Our partnership with MarketTools will provide our clients with the knowledge that rigorous quality standards are being applied to all of our work.