Solutions to fit all of our customers' needs.

/ Voice of the Customer

Our VoC service line utilizes the available technologies and communication channels to enable our clients to better listen to their customers.

From social listening to online surveys, MROCs and branded research communities, our VoC offerings enable companies to identify key insights in order to improve and innovate customer experiences.


Social monitoring

Your customers are blogging, tweeting, and commenting on your Facebook page, but do you know how to adequately monitor all the chatter? Our approach to social monitoring doesn’t compete with technologies such as Radian6, Sysomos or Sprinklr. Rather, our offer helps organizations select which social monitoring technology is best for them. Being technology agnostic has benefits—it allows us to focus on the needs of our clients. AskingCanadians can help you identify the right solution to meet your needs. Whether it’s passive monitoring, active monitoring, community management, content development or weekly reporting, AskingCanadians has you covered.

Social media readiness

It’s a social media revolution out there. Customers are tweeting and chatting like never before. Are yours? Are you watching from the sidelines or joining the conversation? How are you leveraging this powerful new medium to grow your business? More importantly, are you ready to do just that? AskingCanadians’ Social Media Readiness Report Card is designed to enable you to evaluate your organization’s readiness to catch the social media wave. Fast and cost-effective, this turnkey service allows you to leverage the complementary skills of AskingCanadians’ digital and research experts as you get to know your users and build the social aspect of your digital strategy.




Big Data. How are you solving the issue of managing the sheer volume of data from multiple sources, such as: panel data, c-sat data, social media, web analytics and community data? How are you correlating all the data to understand the business holistically? Imagine a homepage that can be customized to contain all the data you collect. AskingCanadians has created a tool that can take multiple data streams and house the data in one aggregated solution. Think Google homepage, but for a marketer or researcher. You can make quick, critical, business decisions at a moment’s notice, by having a deeper view of your business data.

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