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The future of data collection: Data enablement

by Raj Manocha.

The data collection industry is at a very interesting time in its evolution.  The idea of user experience has moved to the forefront of most companies, and essentially led to the push for the gluttony of data visualization products in the marketplace today.

While visualization is the here and now, the future seems ripe for innovation, particularly around real-time data.  The future will revolve around the ability to take research data and put it into the hands of the people who need it in almost real-time.

Imagine being able to arm a salesperson with real-time data about how to maximize revenue potential on a shelf space; real-time data on how current ad campaigns are impacting product and how to adjust the store shelves; real-time personas to help a salesperson sell more effectively; or augmented reality simulators that help consumers visualize what the experience would be like based on research data points.

This is the future. This is data enablement.

In our current state, it can take months for research to be filtered down to front-line staff. This, essentially, becomes a very pointless exercise. Companies conduct research to get timely feedback, yet many times that information sits at the higher levels of the organization without being disseminated to the lower levels for quite some time.

The risk here is that attitudes and opinions about a brand, or product, can change very quickly. This, in turn, can impact revenues and revenue projections. Having the ability to get this data down to the front-line staff can arm them with information to adjust sales pitches, prepare for any possible negative sentiment in the marketplace, and give them a better chance at being successful in their role.

Logic dictates that the more informed someone is to do a job well, the better their chance for success.  What better way to do that than by enabling individuals with timely data?