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VoC Case Study: Scotiabank International Change-Maker Challenge

by Susan O'Neill.

Our Voice of the Customer offerings include a range of programs and platforms designed to enable our clients to better listen to their customers. Crowdsourcing is one example. We can create an online initiative that reaches out to your target group, in a contest or competition format, to generate customer-based content, ideas and discussions. Scotiabank’s Change-Maker Challenge, designed by Delvinia, used crowdsourcing to engage youth in the Caribbean market.

The Situation

Following the launch of Scotiabank Be, a key component in Scotiabank International’s youth strategy, the financial institution called on our digital strategy and design team to help it find an innovative way to engage young people and raise awareness of the program in the Caribbean.

Aimed at the 18- to 30-year-old market, Scotiabank Be (piloted in Trinidad and Tobago) was designed to be a forum for young adults to support their peers and take positive steps towards personal success and financial security.

Any campaign to promote the initiative had to reflect the importance the bank places on its young customers and their ideas, as well as the bank’s commitment to helping young adults realize their goals by becoming financially better off.

The Solution

To engage youth and meet the bank’s objectives, we designed a contest called the Change-Maker Challenge, which asked young adults from 14 Caribbean countries to share their marketing vision for Scotiabank Be.

Contestants were asked how they would use a $100,000 budget to create a marketing campaign to publicize the program. Campaigns had to be realistic and engaging.

The top submissions were chosen by Scotiabank executives and through peer voting on the Change-Maker Challenge website. The top three finalists were invited to Jamaica to present in front of a panel of expert judges made up of bank executives and Caribbean business and academic leaders. The contest winner was awarded a $10,000 grand prize.

The Results

The contest drew more than 1,300 essay submissions from young adults in 14 Caribbean countries, which surpassed the anticipated number of responses.

The Change-Maker contestants featured on the website received more than 40,000 peer votes, demonstrating a high level of engagement in youth across the region.