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Webinar Slides: The Future of Respondent Engagement

by Susan O'Neill.

Earlier this afternoon, our CEO Adam Froman took part in Research for Good‘s webinar about the Power of Positive Respondent Experience: How to Improve The Survey Experience and Why You Should Care.

Adam’s presentation, The Future of Respondent Engagement: Motivating Respondents to Participate in Market Research, explored the underlying motivation for consumers to participate in market research in the digital age.

While digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way companies can capture the voice of the customer, the challenge is to understand the underlying motivation for consumers to participate in market research in the digital age. Given this changing environment, we wanted to understand how to motivate Canadians to share their opinions.

We partnered with Ryerson University and secured funding from the Canadian Federal Economic Development Agency to undertake a study using the AskingCanadians online research community to fundamentally understand the motivational drivers to engage consumers to participate in research. In his presentation, Adam shared the findings of this groundbreaking research and examples of how this knowledge can be applied to increase participation rates.

Adam’s presentation slides can be viewed here.

The entire Research for Good webinar will be available for download on the Research for Good website in the coming days.