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Adam Froman - Founder & CEO - AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Adam Froman

Founder & CEO

Adam is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator.
As the founder and CEO of Delvinia, he is known as a visionary business leader who has grown his firm into a globally competitive group of companies over the course of the past two decades.

Under Adam’s leadership, Delvinia has evolved from operating as a traditional digital consultancy to become an innovation company that invests in identifying ways to bring next-generation products, services, and businesses to market. Adam’s portfolio of successful digital business – each with a focus on innovative data collection – includes AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans, Delvinia Custom Solutions, and Methodify.

In addition to guiding the growth of his organization, Adam is an active member of the Canadian Marketing Association and the MREF (Market Research Education Foundation). He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of Canadian Innovators, a business council exclusively focused on helping high-growth Canadin technology firms scale-up globally.

Steve Mast

President & Chief Innovation Officer

Steve Mast’s philosophy is simple—success is measured by what you do and not what you say.
As President and Chief Innovation Officer of Delvinia, he manages the Digital Innovation practice which applies a combination of human-centric design methods, data-driven insights and emerging digital technologies to craft new disruptive business models and digital products.
While originally trained in architecture, Steve began his career as a video game designer and producer in the early ‘90s. In 2000 he joined Delvinia, and began to build its digital marketing services practice. His focus has always been on new business development, and creating an environment where both his clients and team can play, learn and grow together.
Steve is passionate about helping organizations of all kinds transform their business models to meet the needs and demands of today’s digital economy. This extends beyond Delvinia, as the current Chair of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and as a member of a variety of advisory boards.
Steve Mast - President & Chief Innovation Officer - AskingCanadians by Delvinia
Raj Manocha - Chief Revenue Officer - AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Raj Manocha

CEO, Methodify by Delvinia

As CEO of Methodify by Delvinia, Raj leads the sales and commercialization efforts across Delvinia’s automated market research platform, Methodify by Delvinia.
When a new product or business is ready for market, Raj leads the company’s sales and operations teams in commercializing the venture.
Since joining Delvinia as Director of Sales for AskingCanadians in January 2011, Raj has played a pivotal role in building the AskingCanadians brand across Canada and in growing AskingAmericans, which provides market researchers in the United States with an end-to-end North American-based solution for all of their data collection needs.
With over 14 years of experience in online market research, Raj is focused on growing these business units, building their internal teams, and continuing to develop relationships with current and new clients.
Raj is heavily involved with the Insights Association, as chair to the board of the international chapter, a member of the Canadian advisory board as well as the global engagement committee. He is also on the advisory board of the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program (MSMR) at Michigan State University and the Executive Advisory Board for the Marketing Analytics Centre at the University of Guelph. Through these roles he aims to use his leadership and knowledge to develop the next generation of business and marketing leaders.

Suzanne Costa

Chief Operations Officer
Suzanne is no stranger to growing companies.
Prior to joining Delvinia, she spent more than eight years transforming Research Now into one of the largest global leaders in data capture. Taking inspiration from her entrepreneurial father, she helps companies build the talent and operational foundation needed to inspire, innovate and commercialize quality products.

Her deep interest in identifying and developing leaders is rooted in empowerment—guiding people to become the authors of their own careers. For Delvinia, that means nurturing the talent needed to innovate the market research industry in ways we’ve yet to imagine. Additionally, Suzanne is passionate about data privacy, and has helped Delvinia become a leader in this area. She is both CIPP/E and CIPM certified.

Outside of the office, Suzanne is an ardent supporter of the Toronto Humane Society. She and her husband are the proud owners of two frisky cats, Leonard and Josie, and one lovable dog, Pepe.
Suzanne Costa - Chief Operations Officer - AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Our client service and operations team has over 100 years of combined experience in providing data collection services to  Canadian and global market research firms.

Angela Lau

Chief of Staff
As Delvinia’s Chief of Staff, Angela Lau brings her wide breadth of knowledge and over 15 years of industry experience to the company. She has a hand in virtually every aspect of the business, bringing her distinct perspective to each. Angela was responsible for building AskingCanadians’ Operations over 10 years ago, where she skilfully worked to bring in expertise, develop processes, and create a structure for the (then) small business. She is truly multi-dimensional and is able to quickly adapt to any situation, guiding her team with confidence and care.
Angela also leads Delvinia’s ISO 27001 Security Team. She was fundamental in the initial implementation and certification, and continues to help educate the staff on requirements and procedures. Angela is an excellent coach in every arena, exhibiting patience and understanding in helping those around her continue to learn and grow. She also happens to be an excellent baker, another skill from which those around her benefit greatly!
Angela Lau, Chief of Staff at Delvinia
Amber Bartlett - Vice President, Account Management - AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Amber Bartlett

Vice President, Account Management

Amber brings more than a decade of market research experience to her role as Vice President of Account Management with AskingCanadians. Throughout her career, she has worked with some of the largest global data collection companies in the industry.
With a vast understanding of the market research landscape, Amber has built strong relationships with clients both large and small. By consulting with her clients she is able to find solutions for hard-to-reach audiences and unique requests.
Amber works directly with our clients to support their needs through existing AskingCanadians products. She also leads the development of new ideas and processes to help clients continue to grow their business. Creative solutions are her passion.

Theresa Chow

Vice President of Operations

Since joining AskingCanadians as a project coordinator in June 2011, Theresa has held numerous positions within the firm, including Project Manager; Project Management, Team Lead; and most recently as Manager, Service Delivery.
In her current role, Theresa oversees the commercial operations for several of Delvinia’s business units, including AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and Methodify. She is responsible for finding efficiencies and implementing solutions to better the business as the company continues to grow.
Theresa is a motivated and passionate individual who is a natural collaborator. She is committed to delivering quality service and building a strong operational team to support the company’s growth.
Theresa Chow - Vice President of Operations - AskingCanadians by Delvinia