Sample Profiling: AskingCanadians by Delvinia can reach 1 in every 35 Canadians.

We can reach 1 in every 35 Canadians

Panellists are profiled by more than 500 demographic, psychographic, behavioural and attitudinal variables, enabling a robust research community to meet the specific sampling needs of researchers.

In addition to being able to draw samples of any geographical area from national to local, we are specialists at finding, recruiting and engaging participation from hard-to-reach and low incidence audiences.

Panel Integrity

There are several other important factors that buyers need to consider if they truly want to find the best service providers delivering the highest quality, most reliable and accurate data.

At AskingCanadians, we believe the ESOMAR 28 questions – designed to assist buyers in the identification of high quality providers of online samples – serves as a minimum set of criteria. 

Panel Integrity of AskingCanadians by Delvinia
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