Sample Profiling

Sample Profiling: AskingCanadians by Delvinia can reach 1 in every 35 Canadians.

Our panellists are profiled by over 2000 variables

Our panel includes Canadians who have opted-in to participate in online surveys that significantly influence today’s leading brands.
Panellists are profiled by more than 500 demographic, psychographic, behavioural and attitudinal variables, enabling a robust research community to meet the specific sampling needs of researchers.
Every panellist is also profiled against Delvinia’s Insight Engine – a database of behaviours of all Canadian households with more than 2,000 additional profiling variables.
This enables clients to collect data from hard-to-reach segments of the population, such as particular ethnic groups, moms with kids, cannabis users, and individuals with specific health conditions and ailments.

Sample Profiling Variables

Personal Technology Usage & Behaviours Lifestyle Health
In addition to being able to draw samples of any geographical area from national to local, we are specialists at finding, recruiting and engaging participation from hard-to-reach and low incidence audiences.
Our recruitment process primarily occurs through our longstanding partnerships with large Canadian brands like HUDSON’S BAY REWARDS, Aeroplan, Walmart and PETRO-POINTS.
To ensure we continue to fulfill our clients’ needs to reach these unique groups of interest, we maintain several sub-panels, including but not limited to: IT professionals, small business owners, and those with health issues and ailments.
As digital customer experience experts, we know that satisfied panellists provide thoughtful, more accurate responses. For this reason, managing the panellist experience is another key aspect of our approach.
AskingCanadians Sample Profile - engaging participation from hard-to-reach and low incidence audiences.