Virtual Panels

Virtual Panels available at AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Stop using outdated consumer segments and say hello to Virtual Panels.

Created by Delvinia in partnership with PersonaPanels, these Virtual Panels are made up of Animated Personas –  AI-models that are trained to mimic the behaviours, responses and evolving interests of real consumers.

They are always up-to-date and ready for you to test your ad copy, product concept or message. They’ll tell you what their levels of interest are depending on the type of consumer the Animated Personas represent.

More About Virtual Panels

Available Panels in Canada

Virtual panels available in Canada

Available Panels in

United States

Virtual Panels available in the United States

Submit up to 5 different text-based stimuli to test. For each stimuli you submit, you’ll receive detailed findings.

Virtual panelists general interests scores on messaging.

General interest scores for each for each Animated Persona in the Virtual Panel you selected

Identifying importance score results made by virtual panels.

Importance scores - identifying the component parts of your text and the importance each part plays in general interest

Testing with Virtual Panels provides fast results to help narrow down options or refine any text-based stimuli.