Geofenced Surveys

Geofenced Surveys available at AskingCanadians by Delvinia

We know where your customers are. Wouldn’t you love to know what they’re thinking?

Directly engaging consumers and inviting them to participate in a brand experience is the core goal of any experiential marketing campaign.

Now you can measure the effectiveness of your experiential campaigns throughout the customer journey.

An alternative to in-person exit interviews, AskingCanadians offers geofencing to help build digital, detailed road maps of the path to purchase as consumers opt into a panel and agree to be ‘tracked’ via their mobile device.

How Geofencing Works

A discreet area is defined by GPS coordinates designed to trigger the collection of consumer data.
Users who have “opted-in” to a program are detected when they enter the geofenced area through an alert from the AskingCanadians app.
Data is collected at the point of the experience, increasing accuracy.
Combining geofencing data with rich-media capabilities to gain unprecedented access to audiences in real time.

Benefits of Geofencing

Real-time data capturing

Avoid data inaccuracies via recall by intercepting respondents on-location at the point of experience.

Completely customizable solution

Experiential research solution with a dedicated team to assist with any challenges while in field.

Effective targeting

Easily target relevant audiences and encourage higher engagement rates.

Smartphone geofencing surveys available at AskingCanadians by Delvinia