Qualitative Recruiting

Qualitative Solutions available at AskingCanadians by Delvinia

Providing high quality participants when and where you need them

Historically, recruiting for traditional qualitative research has relied heavily on client-supplied lists, personal connections or other publicly available sources. That process can take up to eight weeks from the start of screening participants to results reporting while businesses are under pressure to make decisions in days.

Instead, approach recruitment needs, including for online qualitative studies, with a consultative nature while leveraging the speed and responsiveness of AskingCanadians’ online community with the benefits of double opt-in in the recruiting process to ensure a consistent 80% show rate.

How it Works

Optimized recruiting experience specific to individual needs with a customer success manager.
End-to-end project management from screener development and programming, recruiting, recruit management, to incentive administration.
Superior recruit management to ensure quality panel members via confirmation calls, reminder emails and an optimized double opt-in process.


Benefits of Qualitative Recruiting

Reduced recruitment time

Keep pace with the consumer and industry for faster turnaround in facing today’s business challenges.

Consultative Project Management

First-class screener development and support, superior project management, and round-the-clock recruit reporting.